Rural engagement is an integral part of the curriculum of University/College/Deemed University/ Technical Institutions. While several institutions have specialised Departments for rural technology, management, study etc., it is essential that it becomes a universal feature of the higher education system, in order to impart the much needed relevance & practical insight to problems faced by the bulk ofthe Indian population residing in rural areas. The primary objective of the Unnat Bharat Abhiyan programme is to ensure that students of HEIs obtain a structured rural exposure by incorporating the same as part of the academic content. MGNCRE is involved in the task of promoting core course and add-on curricular interventions for inculcating social responsibility through student engagement with rural communities, especially the villages in the proximity of the Universities/colleges etc., where the NSS units of the institutions are in interaction with. Promotion of such social responsibility is essential, MGNCRE been instrumental in guiding and securing the objective of incorporating rural engagement into the curriculum of numerous HEIs nation wide, by working with the concerned HEIs and nurturing the process.

UBA is inspired by the vision of transformational change in rural development processes by leveraging knowledge institutions to help build the architecture of an inclusive India. The idea is to have a coordinated approach in which the government and institutions work together to facilitate rural development. It is expected to be a two-way learning process, in which institutions share their knowledge with villages and simultaneously learn from the wisdom and common sense of rural folk.

The mission of UBA

The mission of UBA is to enable higher education institutions to work with the people of rural India in identifying development challenges and evolving appropriate solutions for accelerating sustainable growth. It also aims to create a virtuous cycle between society and an inclusive academic system by providing knowledge and practices for emerging professions and to upgrade the capabilities of both the public and private sectors in responding to their development needs of rural India. With reformative, uplifting and transformative themes like organic farming; water management, Renewable energy; Artisans, industries and livelihood; Basic amenities and the like, UBA has all the makings to be a game-changer in India’s rural landscapes.